Upcoming: Album - "Baptism of Fire" (11.05.2007)
Releases: EP - "Riding Shotgun" (20.01.2006)

Album - Baptism of Fire

EP - Riding Shotgun

Bloodstain – a lethal alliance for the non-moshers!

Bloodstain was set up in June 2005. The two founding members, singer Michael (former member of Obscuro and Naked Eye) and guitarist Bryan (former member of Hate Squad, Coan Teen, Constraint), wanted to bring a band into being that would commit itself fully to extreme music. After a slightly slow start and difficulties in finding adequate and experienced musicians to complete the band things really got going when Janina (still member of End Is Forever; former member of Loss of Bliss) took over the job on the bass guitar and Tobi crossed sticks behind the drum set. Since then things have been hot, heavy and above all bloody and brutal. In their new rehearsal room (aka living room) songs were written and perfected rapidly, and soon it was clear that bands like Hatebreed, The Duskfall and Morning Again had a major influence on the band’s sound.

To really set things ablaze and get going Bloodstain entered the studio in October 2005 to record their first EP Riding Shotgun which will be released January 28, 2006 on Swellcreek Records and distributed over Soulfood. In addition to that the band and their music could win Core-Tex in Berlin and the online fanzine Allschools to support them. Songs like “Glowing Rage” mercilessly roar out of the speakers, and leave its listener no time or even the possibility of a breather. The rest of 2005 is dedicated to writing new songs for the first full-length album which is scheduled April/May 2006, and to making themselves known in the scene.

Hold on – this ride is gonna be rough and bloody!